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Baccalauréat en systèmes informatiques et électroniques


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This page provides information only about the Cadence software used at

University of Québec at Montréal

Remember: Cadence is the name of a company - students do not "learn Cadence",  they learn about Cadence products.

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Cadence tools in our curriculum 
Cadence software is being used primarily in the following course(s) :The software packages of  Cadence are widely used at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Whether it is within the framework of the numerous classes(courses) of Bacalauréat in microelectronics or higher education (on place or in joint-management with the other universities) software packages are a trump card necessary for the forming(training) of the students, it allow to put into practice the various principles learnt in class.

Courses list:

MIC4100 Circuits analysis I 
MIC4120 Microelectronic I 
MIC5100 Circuits analysis II 
MIC5120 Microelectronic II 
MIC6245 VLSI circuits design 
MIC6130 FPGA circuits design 
MIC6140 Analogic circuits design 
ING6310 Project I 
ING6311 Project II 
MIC6150 Microelectronics systems design

Cadence tools in our research 
Cadence software including Custom IC, Digital IC, Sip and Verification are being used in many academic research projects including:

Dr. Guy Begin, Dr. Christian Fayomi, Dr. Mounir Boukadoum, Dr Michael Ménard and Dr. Paul-Vahé Cicek projects

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